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I came to Mattie with two frozen shoulders and a TMJ condition that I had for 2 years. I was slumped over and in a lot of pain. After just the first visit my neck and shoulders had made visible improvement, and Mattie’s positive energy gave me hope again. Under Mattie’s care I made fast progress over the next several weeks. I could feel the curve in my back again, my neck was longer and more free, and I was able to move my arms much better. My kinesiologist was amazed at my progress. Mattie also worked on my jaw, which is getting better as well. Seeing such amazing results, my husband started seeing Mattie. My husband’s posture visibly improved, and his back and neck felt better.
Not only has Mattie helped me physically, he has helped me mentally as well. Mattie constantly encourages me and has recommended books to help my healing. Mattie deeply cares for his patients and I feel like he is rooting for me to turn this challenge into an opportunity to improve my mental and physical being. I am very grateful to Mattie and feel that with his help I will come out of this stronger, happier and healthier.
— Deborah Galea, Boulder, CO
Mattie Leto has saved me and my family from so many broken moments over the years, it is a little ridiculous. We learn a lot about our deepest trusts when a loved one is in real physical trouble—time and again, Mattie has been my first call. He is an exceptional healer, a first rate human being, and one of my dearest friends. I could not vouch for him more highly.
— Josh Waitzkin, 8-time National Chess Champion, a 13-Time National and 2-time World Champion of Tai Chi Chuan Push Hands, the first Marcelo Garcia Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, author of The Art of Learning
I’ve been to chiropractors across the country and have to say that his technique and demeanor makes him a favorite that I’d recommend to any friend. Whether you’re an elite athlete, suffering from an injury, feel a little off, or simply want to improve your well-being, you should visit his office.
— Mark Tullius, Former professional MMA fighter and author of Brightside and 24 Perfect Days
Dr. Mattie Leto has been my unfailing and indispensable chiropractor for the past 8 years. Plagued with not only assorted vertebral pathology I had a very severely ruptured disc for which three doctors recommended spinal surgery. It took a few months but with Dr. Leto’s incredible technique and gentle, caring touch I was cured without it. He has been my dedicated standby.
— Carol Jarecki, CRNA, NTD, IA, Pilot

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